EZ Mold Removal Services In San Francisco

With years of experience and excellence, we are certain that your home, apartment or office will be free from molds that caused a lot of health problems.

The best local company for mold removal

Inspection without testing is a failure. Most mold remediation companies simply inspect the mold-infested area without even getting samples and testing it for toxicity. This is the reason why no matter how many times the client seeks for mold removal services, it just does not work. With EZ Mold Removal, we do not simply guess what is in your area but we also assess and test it thoroughly in order to ensure that no molds can potentially thrive again. We use our expertise and experience in mold removal, together with the help of our technicians who are fully licensed, bonded and insured.

At EZ Mold Removal, we also equip ourselves with the most advanced tools for inspecting, cleaning, disinfecting and drying. We invest not only to our people but also to the equipment that help remove the molds growing and spreading in your place. If you want to know how the process goes, here is a quick recap;

  • Visual assessment or inspection of the place
  • Sample collection (Including air and surface testing)
  • Lab analysis
  • Lab reports/results sent to the client
  • Inspector provides detailed mold removal techniques and performs it ASAP
  • Clearance testing
  • Water Damage Services

Once everything is provided and the area is mold-free again, we make sure to keep our lines open for additional support. EZ Mold Removal is dedicated in keeping customers satisfied that is why, we maintain a long list of loyal clients.

Reliable Services at a Reasonable Cost

We understand that molds can sporadically grow without notice. With EZ Mold Removal, this kind of problem will never exist again. We perform excellent services and provide tips on how to maintain a mold-free area. More than that, we do not charge a higher price. We are a local company that believes in reasonable costs with no hidden charges. Thus, customers can save big time!

What else are you waiting for? Call our hotline number and ask us for a quotation. We will be happy to serve you especially in providing a safer and healthier place to stay.


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