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Why Choose EZ Mold Removal?

EZ Mold Removal is the leader in mold remediation and mold removal services in San Francisco. With fully qualified and reliable technicians, you would be living at peace at the comforts of your home. Businessmen who are suffering from mold growth in their commercial buildings will surely be confident as well to market their properties to potential tenants. That is because of our excellent services that we consistently maintain through time. We have several accreditations and affiliations from government agencies and private companies. Plus, we ensure to keep everyone safe and healthy through our reliable process of cleaning and state of the art equipments. If you found growing molds in the corners of your home or establishment, feel free to call EZ Mold Removal.

How we do the process of Mold Removal

We do not just do the typical cleaning of mold removal. We perform a complete inspection first through our moisture meter, thermal imaging camera and air/surface sample collection. Once we send the samples to our laboratory and a report is done, we ensure to do the mold removal actions right away. Our certified mold inspectors and technicians will treat the area with molds through proper cleaning, disinfecting and drying techniques. Whether visible or non-visible, these molds will definitely be cleared out because we 100% guarantee that your haven will become a safe place again.

Furthermore, we also perform a clearance test after all the removal techniques are applied. Molds are dangerous microorganisms and it can affect everyone’s health. Thus, we ensure that no traces are left and the air quality returns to its normal state. From there, families can enjoy a safer home and employees working in a commercial building will feel comfortable working day by day.

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For inquiries, suggestions and feedbacks, do not hesitate to call EZ Mold Removal. Our services are available in the areas of San Francisco and it can be obtained as soon as possible. Even if it is an emergency mold removal action or any kinds of remediation need, we ensure to provide you the best and efficient services. Just let us know what you need and we will definitely meet your expectations.




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