What Happens If You Paint Over Mold?

What Is Mold?

Mold – those unsightly black and green spots that grow and spread all over your walls.

Mold is a fungus that is found everywhere and when it finds a spot that it likes, ie. damp, it will grow. There is mold all around us, indoors and outside in nature. It gowns in moist places, so you will find it in outdoors in piles of decaying leaves and trees and in your home. You’ll find it in moist, dark places, like a bathroom if it is not properly ventilated or at a water leak spot. In fact, many times people don’t even realize that they have a leak until they notice the mold growing.

How can I get rid of the ugly mold on my walls?

Nobody wants to see mold growing in their home. And, many people paint over the mold the moment they notice it in an attempt to hide it and to get rid of it. You will find that many landlords do this and even some homeowners who do not know anything about mold. This is not the solution to your mold problem, the paint will not get rid of the mold, it will only hide it for a time but soon the mold will be noticeable again.

Mold in houses is caused by water damage and when an affected wall is painted over you will see signs after a while.

  • The paint will bubble up or chip off.
  • The surface of the walls or ceiling will bubble up.
  • White paint will take on a yellow tinge (this is a sign of water damage).

So, it is definitely not worth painting over mold or water damage.

The best thing to do in the case of mold is to get rid of it completely before painting in order to prevent any of these things from happening – because mold that has not been treated properly will always come back. Once the mold has been removed from the area it can be painted.

Once you notice mold it is best to have a professional inspect the area for a water leak, which is almost always the case. Once this has been done the mold removal company can do any necessary repairs to remediate the water damage and the mold.

Work Fast To Remove Mold

Mold is not only unsightly it is also dangerous to your health. Breathing in mold spores can cause respiratory difficulties and allergic reactions, like sneezing, rashes, red eyes, asthma and more.

So, even if you want to paint over the ugly spots, it is of the utmost importance to thoroughly remove the mold from your home before painting.

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