Crawl Space Insulation

Why A Crawl Space?

The crawl space to your home may not be a place you’ve ever seen personally, but it’s an important part of most homes. Typically it’s a space underneath the bottom floor in which you must crawl to get through (hence the name). It’s too small to stand in and can even be as short as 12 inches tall. The whole point to having a crawl space is that it makes it easier for the homeowner, home repairman, plumber, electrician, or other home restorer to access pipes or substructures in the home. Without a crawl space, gaining access to these areas may require trenching beneath the home, which is expensive and difficult.

Insulation for the Crawl Space

Insulation is essential to any home, especially in cold climates. But the crawl space is often neglected. As it’s not a space in which you typically spend time, it can be ignored and left uninsulated. But there are huge advantages to keeping it insulated. If the crawl space to your home is adequately insulated, sealed off, and protected from excess moisture, you will see a marked improvement in energy efficiency and comfort in the home. The home will also be more durable, because it’s protected by an extra layer of insulation and there’s of a chance of pollutants or water getting into the house.

Advantages to Crawl Space Insulation

Having your crawl space properly insulated is a huge advantage in terms of energy efficiency. It reduces energy expended to heat areas that are not being lived in. It takes less insulation than insulating the main walls and flooring, of course, as it’s a smaller space, and insulating that part will reduce the demand for insulation elsewhere. This also adds an additional layer of protection for piping within the walls that may freeze if not adequately insulated in the winter. Additionally, it keeps the house drier and air sealing between your house and crawl space is less of an issue.

Disadvantages to Crawl Space Insulation

The disadvantages are small, but worth mentioning. Water or pests can damage insulation in the crawl space, negating its positive effects and necessitating replacement. And it’ll have to be properly ventilated and made airtight, and regularly maintained, to keep it working effectively.

In sum, crawl space insulation is very important for maintaining energy efficiency in the home. To keep your San Francisco home crawl space working best for you, contact us at EZ Mold Removal and we’ll insulate it for you.

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